We believe you can’t focus on your best conference if you are constantly overwhelmed with the details. Conference Solutions has spent the past 25 years designing a flexible system of support to help our clients produce memorable events.  Put our experience to work for you.

What We Stand For

Conference Solutions C.A.R.E.S

Communicate CARE in every customer experience.
Attention to detail – the small things make all the difference.
Responsible –  to our customers and the globe.
Expert Staff –  experienced and always learning. 
Solutions that exceed expectations

Our Philosophy

After 25 years of managing conferences, Conference Solutions has come to understand that as the conference planner, we are most successful when we build relationships with attendees and make them feel safe and cared for.  When they feel valued and part of a community they learn better, perform better and return again and again.

Our Core Services


What is it really costing you to manage conference registration in house?  Not only in staff hours but in what you are not getting done.  Let us design a secure, efficient process for registering your participants, exhibitors and presenters based on your needs using our time-tested registration management system. We act as an extension of your staff and take this stressful, resource draining task out of your office allowing you to concentrate on designing a great conference.

Conference Management

Whether you are planning a large conference or a series of workshops, all events require a multitude of logistics to be successful.  It’s all a complicated puzzle and it takes every piece to make a memorable event.  We partner with you to handle what you need when you need it, reducing the cost of full time staff and taking the aggravation of meeting planning out of your office.  Let us help you put the pieces together.

Conference Coaching

We now offer this unique service to help you get big results.  We will guide, support and mentor you through every phase of your conference giving you access to over 20 years of conference expertise.  We will help you see the big picture while not forgetting the important details.  We collaborate with you to expand clarity and creativity.  Most importantly, we help you manage time, resources and stakeholder expectations.


Our Clients Include

Associations & Nonprofit Groups

Education & Academic Organizations


How Can We Help You?

Does your annual conference bring office work to a standstill?

Is your staff overwhelmed with the added responsibilities?

Wouldn’t you like to devote the time leading up to your event focusing on your program and message?

During the actual program itself, wouldn’t you rather enjoy your event and spend valuable face time with your participants instead of handling all of the time consuming onsite details?

Wouldn’t it make perfect sense to leave the meeting planning responsibilities to a company that specializes in ensuring that all the thousands of details involved in planning your conference are thought out and taken care of?


Put our experience to work for you.  Let Conference Solutions be your solution to a successful event!