Why Choose Us?

Conference Solutions is one of the few meeting companies to integrate expert meeting professionals with our own sophisticated online registration and reporting tool.

In addition, we handle the phone calls, emails and payments in our office, not yours. We become an extension of your organization by getting to know the culture of your business.

Our overall approach to meeting planning services is based upon proven principles and has been refined through experience over the past 20 years with all categories of events. Because we have done this many times over, we do it more quickly and efficiently. We not only know what to do, but more importantly what NOT to do!

What does our experience buy you?

  • Do you hold meetings occasionally, and the time commitment required to produce a meeting distracts your team from its key responsibilities?
  • Do you have volunteers managing your conference that change from year to year with no continuity?
  • Do you have dedicated staff to plan your meeting, but need help with online registration?

With the current state of the economy, now is a great time to cut back on your business costs by outsourcing your meeting planning needs. Outsourcing can help you reduce overhead costs and offers you the expertise of seasoned meeting planners to allow you to focus on your program’s details and your core business.

Cost Savings

Eliminates all employee-related expenses such as:

  • Full-time salary
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Disability insurance
  • Health and other benefits.

Reduced program expenses by letting our staff negotiate the best rates for:

  • Hotel accommodations
  • Meeting space
  • Food and beverage
  • Audiovisual production
  • Special events.

Time and Stress Savings – Real costs aren’t just monetary

  • Does your annual conference bring office work to a standstill?
  • Is your staff overwhelmed with the added responsibilities?
  • What are you sacrificing to get it done?

We partner with you and take the stress out of your office.

Focus on Your Message
Wouldn’t you like to devote the time and energy leading up to your meeting focusing on your company’s strategy and message instead of being caught up in meeting planning minutiae?

Focus on Your Attendees
During the actual program itself, wouldn’t you rather spend that valuable face time with your audience / guests ensuring that your company’s strategic goals are met, instead of handling all of the on-site details that can be all too time consuming.

Ensure it’s Done Right
Wouldn’t it make perfect sense to outsource the meeting planning responsibilities to a company that specializes in ensuring that all of the thousands of details involved in meeting planning are thought out, planned for, and taken care of?

Contact us for a no stress conversation about your needs and how we might help.