Registration Services

Conference registrationHow much is it really costing you to handle your conference registration in house?  Not only in man hours (calls, emails, invoices, badges, tickets) – but in what you are not getting done?  We believe you can’t focus on your best possible conference if you are constantly dealing with the hassles of registration in your office.  That’s why we provide a customized online registration system that includes our talented staff to handle all of the calls, emails and payments for one low price.

We have found that our clients end up making more money by concentrating on a dynamic program to draw people in and sponsors to support the program, while we deal with the registration details.

Why did we develop our own registration management system?  Plain and simple the major systems out there just didn’t work for us or our clients.  Our clients wanted a way to register groups of attendees on one invoice and to register exhibitors and presenters online.  They wanted a clear registration landing page so their potential attendees didn’t have to go on a scavenger hunt to find the agenda and conference fees.

Many of our clients have come to us after working with off the shelf systems.  They were frustrated and just wanted someone to build it, manage it, take the calls, process the payments and have the badges ready for them when they arrived onsite.

Registration ServicesWhat makes us unique?

·         More than 20 years in the business of managing conferences and perfecting our online registration.

·         We do all the set-up based on your needs – a registration landing page incorporates your brand and key information.

·         We partner with you as an extension of your staff, get to know your culture, and work closely with you on all the details.

·         Our registration system can be used to register participants for a standalone conference or for one of a series of seminars and workshops.

·         We manage all the emails and calls in our office – taking this huge hassle out of your office.   Don’t have an office – this is perfect for you!

·         Group Registration – a group of attendees can register in one simple step and receive one invoice.

·         Online Exhibitor Registration and Management – including booth assignment.

Payment processing –

and reconciliation – our system is designed to interface with the most popular payment portals.

·         A built-in email function – send reminders, logistics, calls to action.

·         We design, print and assemble the badges– only those who have put together hundreds or thousands of badges can know the value of this!

·         Registration packets and rosters to make your onsite registration seamless.

·         Customized reports that make sense to you.

·         Onsite support throughout your conference.

·         Risk free pricing – a reasonable per registrant price that you can build into your registration fee.

·         Global impact through our partnership with B1G1, Business for Good – We believe that every business has the power to change lives by integrating giving into its everyday business activities. For each registration, we donate to a cause that means something to you.

·      AND DID WE MENTION – We manage all the emails and calls in our office!

Benefits to You

1.       Better attendee experience – registration is your attendees first experience with your conference.  Our attention to detail, efficient process and CARE* business model combine to set the tone for your best first impression.  

2.       Core content focus – you and your staff get to concentrate on your core business and conference content.

3.       Cost savings – you don’t have to hire additional staff, your current staff can concentrate on their real job, we charge a per registrant fee that you can build right into registration fees.

4.       Stress levels go way down! – once this most time-consuming, overwhelming task is off your plate.

Risk free pricing – Our average price for all of the above (including exhibitor registration) is only $23 per attendee.  Compare this to most online registration companies that charge an upfront fee plus a per attendee fee for you to set it up yourself and manage it in your office (how much does your employee cost – because somebody will be answering all those calls and emails and putting together all those badges!)  And the best part is that you just build the cost in to your registration fee…no risk!

Need this yesterday?  We can have you up and running in less than a week. 

Request a free demo of our sophisticated online registration tool!